Documentary: Jay-Z – Where I’m From

While the talk of the e-world yesterday may have been about Rita Ora’s exploits, with a hint of Tyga’s not-so-tough background, Jay-Z–who proudly boasted that NYC was under new management after the Nets…


VIDEO: Ne-Yo – Music Is My Sport

Although Ne-Yo is recognized as one of the most achieved multi-talented artists in the music industry at the moment, he attests that he is not satisfied. Here he briefly documents his grind to…


Busta Rhymes – Life & Rhymes (Google Play Documentary)

Google Play delivers a mini-documentary on Busta’s long and music savvy career. Truly an interesting documentary to watch. Must see. Year of The Dragon is out August 21st.

dom kennedy

VIDEO: Dom Kennedy – This Is Dom Kennedy Tour (Episode 2) | @DOPEITSDOM

Following up where the last installment left off, Dom Kennedy and his team perform across the country including Baltimore, Carrboro, NYC, Chicago, and Ann Arbor. Dom’s overzealous fans make a few appearances while…

schoolboy q

VIDEO: Schoolboy Q – A Day In The Life (Mini-Documentary)

After releasing his “Habits and Contradictions” project, SchoolBoy Q has kept relatively quiet. Vate Magazine in conjunction with Slick Jackson follow the young hip-hop artist and his crew through their journeys in New…

wiz khalifa tattoos_only_pic

VIDEO: Wiz Khalifa – DayToday “While You Were Sleeping”

We knew he couldn’t stay away from too long. Possibly kicking the WKToday’s to the curb, Wiz Khalifa issues the newest episode of his popular DayToday series.

sledgren id labs mtv

VIDEO: MTV Interview with ID Labs

To sum it up, the folks over at ID Labs are freaking monsters. They put the sound behind Wiz Khalifa’s classic 2010 mixtape Kush & Orange Juice and a huge chunk of his…

MMG wale rick ross

VIDEO: Meek Mill – Dream Chasers Never Sleep (VLOG #1)

It was only a matter of time before Meek Mill used his Maybach Music Group funding to create his own video blogging series.

asap mob

VIDEO: ASAP Rocky & ASAP Mob “Harlem State of Mind”

The world can not get enough of the A$AP Crew and they continue to provide even more insight into their trill life. Here they explore the state of New York, breakdown their sense…


VIDEO: MISHKA – How To Make It In America

A few days ago we showed off good portion of MISHKA’s upcoming winter collection which should be available for purchase any day now. Here we have a video produced by the guys over…

wiz khalifa 2011 illvibes

VIDEO: Wiz Khalifa – WK Today (Episode 1)

We knew that Wizzle couldn’t be M.I.A for too long at the time in his career when things were genuinely getting interesting. Here’s to hoping that we get some more new music from…


VIDEO: The Heir$ – Lifers Series (Episode 9) | @TheHeirs

This episode of the “Lifers Series” follows The Heir$ as they navigate their way around the “Hip-Hop & Love Tour”.

wiz khalifa 2011

VIDEO: Wiz Khalifa Mini-Documentary

It’s almost impossible to get this guy off of our home page. Trace Urban recently sat down with Wiz Khalifa to chop it up. Unlike the ordinary interview that you’ve seen with the…

odd future ofwgkta

VIDEO: Odd Future – A Day In Ladera: OFWGKTA (Documentary)

Seeing as Tyler the Creator finally achieved his goal of receiving a VMA, it seems like an awesome time for an OFWGKTA documentary video to hit the web. This is documentary-style video we…


VIDEO: Young Jeezy – The Road To TM 103 (Episode 2)

We have a new episode in the new “The Road To TM103″ series. This episode is more of the same but follows the chronicles of his trip to Myrtle Beach to perform at…

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