MV: LMFAO – Sexy And I Know It

This has song of the year written all over it after a nice remix.  I’m hoping Afrojack or Avicii jump on this and kill this because this song is dying for the remix treatment.  Man LMFAO are pushing the boundaries and limits of what is acceptable on MTV these days!

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  • darin

    not really, the song is a near complete ripoff of something Afrojack released last year.  i wouldn’t call that pushing boundaries at all

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure they paid for this rip off lol

  • Afro

    listen to afrojack – pacha on acid, lmfao have ripped it off. cunts

  • Pacmanlh

    Its more of a LMFAO remix of an afrojack track. Your wish is already granted

  • Morganselkirk

    in fact, steve angello basically did it even before nick (afrojack) did it. this track called teasing mr. charlie, came quite awhile before pacha on acid. I know that the afrojack song is closer to this INCREDIBLY shitty LMFAO song, but my point is that you should kill yourself for claiming anything LMFAO does is “pushing boundaries” when in actual fact, nothing they have done has pushed any boundaries. people just like them because they add lyrics that people who arent that in to dance music can appreciate. 

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